Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wow does time fly!

I've officially been writing a fitness newsletter for 8 years now. Sometimes I've been very consistent, sending an article weekly or bi-weekly. Other times I've gone a couple of months between newsletters. My goal over the past year has been to send an article (hopefully of value) no less than every other week.

And now you can help me out.... I'm going to continue writing a new article no less than once every two weeks. But I thought, hey, who better than the reader of this newsletter to tell me what to write about.

So, here's your chance to submit your most pressing question about fitness or nutrition. As the questions come in I'll prioritize them and answer them, week by week. And when the last question is finally answered, I'll send everyone a pdf copy of the book we create together as a token of appreciation for your readership.

Please send your most pressing fitness or nutrition question to:

Thank you for your help and input!

Okay, on to this week's article...

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