Friday, September 11, 2009

Does Fruit Make You Fat?

Last week I took a trip out to California for a 4 day conference.

And while in flight I was counting on finishing a great book, Life's Golden Ticket by Brendon Burchard, one of the guys presenting at the conference.

I only had a few chapters to go - and I was deeply entrenched in this novel about a near death experience and getting a second chance at life.

But of course I had the seat next to a real chatter box. A very sweet woman, but a talker for sure!

Hey, I love people and can chat it up with the best of them, but sometimes you get on a plane and all you want to do is keep to yourself, or in this case I REALLY wanted to finish this book to see how it ends.

So partly out of politeness, and partly because I really like to talk to people, Ellen and I chatted it up! FOR THE ENTIRE FIVE HOUR FLIGHT!

And of course, the question comes up, "so, Brian, what do you do?"

Personal Trainer.

And that just opened up the flood gates . . .

"Well, Brian, you know I work out at the gym 2 days per week . . ."

Then the story goes on..."but I can't get rid of this ________ " (fill in the blank, I've heard it all, but in this case Ellen was squeezing her inner thigh).

I love the opportunity to help others. But I often feel in a casual conversation with a stranger they just want the quick & easy answer like, "yes ma'am, if you use the thigh master your legs are gonna slim down and be sexy again".

People tell me the best way to lose weight is walking.

Some say it's sprinting.

I've read recently from a very well circulated magazine that exercise DOES NOT work for weight loss.

And on the same trip last week I overheard two girlfriends debating whether fruit makes you fat. Ironically, the woman whose stance was that a banana contains sugar and will lead to her friend gaining weight was eating a blueberry muffin (a really BIG one with 4 times the sugar in the banana)!

Go figure.

I could go on for hours with stories of how to lose weight.

We are so mislead in the country!!! Eating fruit makes us fat?

Special Note to America: Fruits and Veggies Aren't Making Us Fat!!!!

Over eating makes us fat.

Hey, it's entirely possible to lose weight eating Skyline, LaRosa's, McDonalds AND Chipotle.

I don't recommend it, but we really COULD lose weight as long as we burn more calories than our fast food diet!!

Ocho Cinco is a perfect example of someone who's super fit, extremely lean, and lives on McDonalds.

Is it healthy? Of course not. But he's fit and lean because he burns a ton of calories 6 days per week.

I recently dropped 10 pounds in an effort to become a more efficient runner.

This past weekend I celebrated my 1-year anniversary of structured running, and I'm enjoying it way more than I anticipated when I initially set a goal to complete a marathon at age 40.

So for me, I know I'll achieve that goal of running 26.2 miles if I'm just a bit lighter.

In fact, I've stumbled upon Quercetin, a nutrient dense compound of antioxidants that has provided a significant boost to my energy and metabolism. It's helped my running SIGNIFICANTLY. Loads of research on this stuff that's endorsed by Lance Armstrong.

Why do I share this with you?

Only because I want to provide every single resource that I know of to support you on your journey to optimal health, fitness and wellbeing. If I believe in it, you're going to know about it!!

I'm not sure exactly why taking Quercetin has suppressed my appetite, though.

I suspect it's the fact that I'm putting the nutritional equivalent of 40 apples and dark colored berries into my body with each serving.

See, when we put the right stuff in, our bodies are satiated, they are satisfied. When we put the junk in (processed foods, bleached, enriched ingredients, sugar, trans-fats, etc), the body essentially tells us it needs additional feedings in an attempt to get the better quality nutrients - and often we over eat. Which is why it's nearly impossible to lose weight on the fast food diet.

America is overfed, yet under nourished.

I will NEVER endorse a food or supplement that I first haven't researched and personally found noticeable benefit in my own experience. Quercetin is the FIRST supplement I've ever stood behind, aside from a meal replacement shake or multivitamin.

And likewise, I think what Lance Armstrong stands for (eliminating cancer) speaks for itself in terms of his endorsement of Quercetin.

There was a really cool article on FRS (Quercetin) recently . . .

You can read it here!

Have a GREAT Thursday!

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins

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