Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Here's Your Chance to WIN BIG!

Please synchronize watches...

Right now there are 4794 people receiving this via email, twitter or facebook...

And after much anticipation and excitement, we're announcing how you can WIN some serious loot.

================ THE FREE STUFF ================

  • ONE FULL YEAR of Training 3 days/week ($4450 value!) 
  • SIX months of Training 3 days/week ($2225 value!) 
  • THREE months of Training 3 days/week ($1112 value!)
Let me first just touch on what you have to do here to win any of those incredible prizes...

It's the first ever 12-Week HealthStyle Fitness Transformation Contest.

You see ... the New Year is upon us. And while the idea is to commit to improving yourself in important areas...

...we know from experience if you don't have a plan, expert guidance, and a system for brining those changes into reality...

…it just doesn't happen.

But YOU have the opportunity to change all that and, instead, get in THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE - start 2010 on cloud 9.

Sounds good, right? Click HERE for all the details to be part of this incredible contest.

Hopefully you're still reading ... because here's the BONUS part that the staff twisted my arm to add in.

*** 1st 10 people to register: Will get Dr. Christopher Mohr's HOTTEST SELLING DVD, Is Your Grocery Store Making You Fat - How to Shop Smart to Shed Pounds ($34.97 value)

*** 1st 3 people registered: You'll get the "goodies above" PLUS you'll get 20 downloadable iPod workouts that you can use when you travel, or anytime you need an extra butt kicking workout! ($97 value)

*** 1st person in the contest: You'll get everything above plus you'll get a FULL month of Total Fitness Makeover workouts here at HealthStyle Fitness with one of our trainers. You can use these 20 sessions ANY time you like...and there's no expiration date! Now we're up to a $460+ value.

Now it makes sense to jump on this quickly because you are one of 4794 people getting this email ... and you all get the "green light" to be part of the contest RIGHT NOW.

It's a pretty safe bet these bonus packages will NOT last long.

Go to http://www.cincinnatifitness.com /2010-Transformation.html to get the details and register. Your transformation starts on Monday, January 11th!

Can't wait to see your success in 12 weeks!!

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins

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