Friday, March 5, 2010

Anti-Gravity Treadmill in Cincinnati Benefits Many Populations

The latest addition to Cincinnati Fitness Running is the NASA-developed Alter-G Treadmill. Currently there are only approximately 150 of these treadmills throughout the country, with the next closest being located at the Cleveland Clinic.

By means of a plastic air pressurized "bubble" around the user's lower body, this treadmill lifts up to 80 percent of the user’s body weight, removing the effects of gravity on the spine and lower extremity joints. It is similar to the effects of buoyancy in water but there is no resistance inside the bubble, allowing for the first ever anti-gravity treadmill with normal running mechanics and range of motion (unlike the aquatic treadmills that impeded normal running technique). This technology has already begun revolutionizing the rehabilitation field and may become a standard piece of equipment at all top-notch facilities in the US.

Some of the most prestigious universities and medical institutions, including the University of Southern California Medical College and the aforementioned world class Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, have demonstrated excellent Alter-G Treadmill results with patients suffering from Parkinson's disease, spinal stenosis, and orthopedic conditions of the spine, hip, knee and foot.

We have already seen the benefits of the Alter-G treadmill on runners and athletes, and look forward to applying similar benefits to clients with neurological disorders such as strokes and multiple sclerosis. Users have demonstrated major improvements in balance, strength, and the ability to walk as a result of using the Alter-G Treadmill.

For more information on Cincinnati’s Alter-G treadmill, click here.

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