Wednesday, June 23, 2010

5 Weight Loss *Secrets* [Video]

As you know, exercise is CRUCIAL to your success today.

One hundred years ago, we really didn't need to work out to remain mentally, emotionally and physically sharp.  

Our daily routines took care of the body's need for consistent movement.

Today, we're a significantly sedentary society. 

But even with a continuous, well structure exercise plan, without a concern for nutrition, you wind up frustrated with your weight loss results.

A successful nutrition routine really begins with getting your portions under control.

What's interesting (and challenging at times) is it's not just restaurants and fast food that are the culprits to massive servings.

Portions are increasing everywhere, even in "traditional" cookbooks, like the Joy of Cooking, which has been out for decades now.

When cookbooks are updated with new recipes the portion sizes have increased AS MUCH AS 40%!!!

That means when the book was first published, the cooking directions suggested smaller portions, but now when you think you're making just 1 serving, you're actually getting FORTY PERCENT MORE calories than your parents or grandparents were decades ago!!

And don't fall into the trap of rationalizing that you're eating healthy--even large portions of healthy options add up quickly and expand the waistline!

Following these 5 weight loss *secrets* will virtually guarantee success:
  1. Use smaller plates and bowls when serving.
  2. When you go out to eat, ask for half your meal to be put in a doggy bag BEFORE it's even brought to the table. Better yet, cut down eating out to no more than 1 time per week (yes, take out that's eaten at home falls under the 1 time rule too).
  3. Portion out food servings before serving meals rather than putting large bowls or plates on the table so people eat "family style."
  4. Fill up half your plate with veggies and/or fruits -- this leaves less room for the higher calorie options, but it also fills you up with low calorie, HIGH nutrient content food!
  5. Eat at a kitchen or dining room table ONLY, not in front of a TV, computer, at your desk, etc. When distracted we eat up to 30% more calories!

These 5 simple strategies go a very long way -- notice I didn't say there were "forbidden foods" you could never touch again. Simple strategies followed consistently become habits, and our habits determine our success!!

And I'll leave you with a very short, funny video. Have you ever watched someone race a cheeseburger?  In the context of your nutrition bank account, it's a race that cannot be won.

Go to watch Leigh on the treadmill race Gabe eating McDonalds. 

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins 

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