Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome to Spring ... What's Your One Thing?

Ahhh ... personally I've been longing for this first week of spring for quite some time!  And so far, the weather hasn't dissapointed. 

This is the time of the year when everything comes alive, we feel energized, and we start to clean up from the drudgery of winter (gardens, garages, basements, etc).

And, it's the perfect opportunity to do some "spring cleaning" of your diet. Remember, it's your DIET that will give your arms the lean, toned, shapely look and allow you to look dazzling in that new spring outfit!

Use this time of year to weed out any unsupportive habits that may have crept in over the winter. Things like:
  • An extra latté in the afternoon
  • The second helping at dinner when you know you've fueled your body sufficiently
  • The afternoon trip to the vending machine 
  • Justifying staying in bed vs. coming to boot camp in the morning (because it's so cold and nasty outside)
  • Following the BLT diet (bites, licks and tastes) off their children's' plates (or spouse's plate)
Little things that all seem harmless in the moment. But aren't. They add up!

The little slips do the most damage. 1 bite here, 2 sips there, ultimately turns into several hundred calories in a day. An extra 100 calories per day equals and extra 10 pounds in a year, covering up those awesome muscles you've worked hard for.

This week begins a NEW 4 week Adventure Boot Camp session. Just like springtime, we have a FRESH NEW beginning.

Each camp session provides a new opportunity to build on the previous camp's successes. And NOW is the time to pinpoint that ONE big success you're going for over the next 4 weeks.

Define it. Write it down. And go for it with some SERIOUS ENTHUSIASM!

Welcome back to Adventure Boot Camp, we're ready to rock n roll through March and April to help you look and feel your absolute best as the weather turns for the better!!

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins

HealthStyle Fitness, Inc.
4325 Red Bank Rd Cincinnati, OH 45227
513-407-4665, x-105

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