Monday, April 18, 2011

"The Essentials" of Fitness Success (part III) ...

Last week we talked about creating a level of motivation that'll carry you toward fitness success. 

I gave you an audio and step by step nutrition guide so you can take all the guesswork out of what and how to eat for optimal results.

We also talked about the MOST effective way to maximize your workouts.  Seated isolation movements are a thing of the past.  Compound movements with multiple exercises put together in a metabolic circuit is optimal for burning calories, losing fat, and developing a lean, healthy body.  

And today, I want to talk about accountability, and give you another GREAT resource. 

In terms of accountability, or the critical key to the follow through, think about the MOST successful people you know.   

For me I think of people like Lance Armstrong, Joey Votto, Bill Gates, Oprah ... Olympians, US Presidents, etc.  
The one thing they all have in common is that they surround themselves with a GREAT team and great coaches. 

For example, Lance Armstrong has countless assistants - trainers, massage therapists, dieticians, chiropractors, etc.  

Every CEO has a board of directors that she is accountable to.  The President has his cabinet, as well as numerous other advisers and consultants (or coaches).

One big reason people have difficulty accomplishing their goals is they try to do all the work on their own.  In other words, they try to do everything in a vacuum, all by themselves, and without outside assistance.

Remember this: We do not get any extra points for doing life all by ourselves!  In fact, studies show you are far less likely to accomplish what you really want in life by going it alone. 

There's synergy in a group, 1 + 1 = WAY more than 2, and they have exponential power, and substantially higher energy.  The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That is synergy.

How can you apply this to your life?  To your health and fitness?

Surround yourself with the right people.  Positive people that support you, your goals, dreams, desires, and help you get results.  In the health and fitness area of your life, you want to be around those that exercise consistently, and make quality food choices.  

We become like those that we're surrounded by. 

Put yourself in fitness programs or environments that support and foster YOUR growth and YOUR success.   

Find coaches that can see the things that you cannot (we all have blind spots, even Lance Armstrong and Oprah), and then support you in making positive change.  One of the greatest coaches of all time (John Wooden) said, "A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment."

With the right team, and the accountability factor in place, you're WAY ahead of the masses attempting to "go it alone".  

Then add in the progressively challenging workouts, follow the 90/10 nutrition principal, and renew your motivation (your WHY) for your fitness daily ... and success will be YOURS!

Resources for you:

Here's the nutrition audio and recipe guide with your step by step calorie needs (including the 90/10 principal).
Here's the sample workout.

Here's a Grocery Shopping Tour video to help you navigate through the maze of madness (the junk) and find the foods that will support your goals.  There are 3 videos, totally about 20 minutes. 

Have a Terrific Monday!

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins 
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