Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Big Mac Isn't Bad for You

Last night I was talking with a really good friend who was all upset with herself.

"Brian, for the first time in 14 months I had a hamburger at McDonald's, and I feel horrible about it!"

I tried to reasure her that a Big Mac every 14 months is TOTALLY AWESOME! 

But, she just felt like she let herself down. 

I explained the 90/10 principle that works exceptionally well when striving to look and feel your best.

When we eat well, and even more so when we add consistent exercise into the mix, it gives us a license to "let our hair down" and ENJOY LIFE a bit more.  And that's the key to sustainability.

My dear friend is worried about her health, having a sister with breast cancer, and a dad with heart disease.

"Brian, our health is the most important thing we have."

I couldn't agree more.

For most of us, when we're healthy, we tend to forget about how important health really is.  

When we get sick, however, we QUICKLY remember its importance. 

Some people would say, "well, Brian, relationships are the most important thing in my life."  Or maybe it's success, or the kids. 

I can't disagree ... those are critically important things!

Yet the truth is, when health fails, we lose the foundation for relationships, for the kids, spouses, parents, career, success, etc.

The tricky part is ... too many people take their health for granted.  

It's not like someone eats a Big Mac and large fries one time and their health falls apart. A Big Mac everyday is the issue. 

 We lose or gain our health overtime.  The daily feedback to let us know if we're on the right track (or not) is not readily apparent.

Sure, we can go see the doc and she says that our blood pressure is high, LDL (bad) cholesterol is high, HDL (good) cholesterol is low.  For some, that'll get them to change lifestyle behaviors.

For far too many, though, unfortunately it doesn't.  Over time, the body weakens.    

And even more heartbreaking to me, by the time the outward signs are there, poor health has taken a firm hold.

So, the key is to stay after the pursuit of sound health.  It's not a 3 week gig.  It's constant pursuit.  Consistent daily steps. 

And the key to making that happen is to fall in love with the Cause (in this case, the things that lead to sound health, like exercise, and eating a balanced, healthy diet).  

I don't know one healthy/fit person who consistently gets up in the morning, works out, and hates it.  

Rather, healthy and fit people love workout out first thing in the morning.  Granted, they may not have started out loving it, and maybe every single little thing about working out before the day begins (like Burpees) is not their most favorite thing in the world, but big picture, they love what they're doing.

Healthy and fit people tend to fall in love with pleasing results, while unhealthy people tend to fall in love with pleasing moments (sleeping in, eating desert every night, Krispy Kreme donuts in lieu of fresh fruit in the morning, putting off exercise, etc).

When we don't like the Cause (in this case, working out, eating a balanced diet), we wake up every morning dreading doing the things that will result in the Effects we desire, and I don´t know anyone who can sustain themselves doing what they hate for more than a couple of weeks.  

Yet, falling in love with the Causes produces the Effects you want, leading to YOU achieving your goals much faster and with seemingly greater ease ... because we all perform better when we enjoy what we´re doing.

It may take 3 weeks, 3 months, or 9 months.  But the cool news is, research shows when we exercise consistently for a period of time, we develop an enjoyment for it.

So Kudos to you for keeping after the cause ... many of you are amazingly fit and exceptionally healthy today.  Others are on the right path, and the effects are just a matter of time and consistency.

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins

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