Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fast, Intense = Best Results!

Metabolic circuits are the way to go in 2012!

Fast, intense, and 100% results producing.  Slow, long cardio has its benefits, but it really is the SLOW, LONG route to a leaner, firmer, more fit and better functioning body.

(Google "long cardio versus hard circuits" ... the science is undeniable.)  

We've received a ton of emails since the new year ... 

... and I really liked the consensus that just because we buy a new calendar, doesn't mean that's the only time of the year for reflection, and creating a new plan. 

Too many start the year so fired up and sprint off into the marathon of diet and fitness resolutions only to drop out of the race after the first mile.

The key is, in my opinion, we need to guard against taking on too much at one time.  Many of us fall into this trap (me too!).

Sure, you want to kick the processed sugar habit, start to train for the Flying Pig, workout 4-5 days per week at 110% intensity and lose 10 lbs by the end of the month ... we understand the urgency to make things happen and the importance of having goals.

Just not so many in such a short amount of time.  Focus your efforts on one or two things.  There will be time to add more later.

Remember this, quantum change does not require quantum action - it's the result of a few basic things repeated daily. 

Master the basics, and you master success!

Instead of a massive overhaul to every behavior and EVERY area of your life, pick just one or two.

For some, maybe it's making exercise a consistent habit.  Your goal may be to work out consistently 3, 4 or 5 days per week for 2012.
Maybe it's a total number of workouts you'll do, say 200.  Then you just break it down by month, and then weekly.  You'll be working out about 4 times per week.  Chunking it down makes the big goal manageable.

For others that have been in the exercise routine for a bit, perhaps you'll target something relative to your diet. 
Again, rather than trying to eliminate everything in your diet and not being able to maintain it for longer than a few days, pick one or two behaviors that will stretch your comfort zone and produce big results.  Things like:
  • Ditching all liquid calories like soda, sweetened tea, sports drinks.
  • Eating foods with 5 ingredients of less.  Boy, if you can do that one alone ... holy smokes your health, energy and body will change substantially!
  • Cutting out snacks after dinner
  • Refusing to eat out (including convenience stores, fast food, and sit down restaurants) 
  • Eating 10 fruits and veggies EVERY DAY
  • Eliminating processed foods (following the 5 ingredients or less rule above will take care of this one)
Because you are only selecting one or two behaviors to attack, overtime (like over this year) they are all very achievable.  You master one, move on to the next.  The stacking effect is unbelievable.
No more crazy liquid cleanses or silly deprivation tactics that don't work long term.  Having to take a special "juice" or crazy concoction, or eliminating a food group isn't productive, and ALWAYS has a rebound yo-yo effect on the body.  It's a marketing ploy (scam really) done by a company that doesn't really care about your long term well being.  They're just hoping you fall for the latest slick commercial so they can separate you from some of your money.

So pick your "thing" for the balance of January - something related to diet and exercise and hit that goal.  And be well on your way to an even healthier, fitter, leaner you in 2012.
Your friend in fitness,
Brian Calkins
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