Thursday, April 4, 2013

Is your phone dead?

Those of you that have been around me for a while know that I'm a little obsessed with keeping my phone charged.   

I have a charger in my car, at work, one upstairs and one downstairs in my home.  Yes, I'm obsessed!

 Sometimes I think about Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway, and wonder what I would do if I found myself with no electricity?  How could I conserve my phone battery so I could call for help or reach out to family, if I was stranded on some uninhabited island?

Yeah, I know, it makes no sense.  There isn't any cell tower coverage on a deserted island.

I have the same obsession with my Garmin running watch, iPod, blue tooth wireless ear piece, and laptop batteries.

I'm not going to try to analyze my weird obsession with having a full battery, because I'm sure it was some crazy thing that happened to me in childhood.  ;)

But silliness aside, WE aren't much different than a diminishing battery that requires daily charging to keep a device running smoothly. 

At the end of the day, we too run out of juice.  Add in a ton of demands and stress to the mix, and our battery gets drained even more quickly.

So today I want to share a handful of ways to keep your energy flowing abundantly, and you operating at a HIGHLY productive level:
  • Workout first thing in the morning.  There's no better way to feel good and get fully prepared for the day mentally, emotionally, psychologically and physically than getting the blood pumping, a solid dose of endorphins flowing, and a boost to the healthy hormones that help you energize up, than an invigorating workout to kick off your day.
  • Put something POSITIVE into your brain between the time you wake up, and the time you start work (or start chasing kids around).  Of course, we've heard a million times that "we are what we eat" ... and there's no doubt about that.  But we ALSO become what we put into our minds and think about.  The "junk food" happens every day - it's automatic - the news, negative situations, and energy-sapping people, etc.  And it'll drain your battery faster than downloading a 5 gigabyte movie to your phone.  We have to put in the stuff that will offset the negative, and charge the mind for a positive and productive day.  Keep audio books in the car for driving, watch an inspiring YouTube video, read something inspirational/motivational every day. 
  • Hang around inspired, driven, HAPPY, positive people.  We are the average of our 5 best friends.  Seek out special time with those MOST important to you, and connect with people that lift your spirit.  Even if it's just 15 minutes a day - it'll super charge your battery!
  • Build in some downtime.  Of course, vacations and time away is essential.  But so too is getting sufficient sleep at night and scheduling breaks into your busy day.  I take a power nap (15 minutes is perfect, but don't go beyond 30 since the body tends to have a hard time coming out of a deep sleep) almost every single day - it allows the second half of my day to be equally as productive as the first half. 
  • Do something that you LOVE every day.  Music?  Nature?  Art?  Quiet time?  Reading?  Prayer?  Walking?  Dancing?  Making someone laugh? Meditation?  Watching a GREAT movie?  Whatever you love, you've gotta connect with it daily to keep your battery buzzing with plenty of juice!
Keep track of your personal battery meter throughout the day.  Have lots of "chargers" in all the environments you spend your time in daily (the office, home, your car, etc).  The more in tune you become with you energy, the better you become at recognizing when it's time to plug in and recharge!
Your friend in fitness,
Brian Calkins NSCA-CPT, ACE

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