Saturday, December 28, 2013

2 New Habits for 2014 ...

What are 2 Habits You Want in 2014?

Not 10 new things, but 1 or 2 habits that will make a meaningful and lasting impact on your life?

For example, last year (2013) for me it was eating fat loss foods for 90% of my diet (a distinction from healthy foods).  What a major difference that one simple habit has made on my energy, performance, and fat loss goals over the past 12 months!

With that now as an ingrained habit, this year I'm going after the habit of getting an extra hour of sleep every night.  Yes, every night!

This is a huge one for me.  Because I love to be awake early in the morning, it's my time to be productive while the world is still asleep.  And I love to stay awake at night to hang out with my family. 

But there is NO QUESTION that I operate far more productively when I'm sufficiently rested.  So I've worked out a few tweaks in my daily routine where I can now get an extra 60 minutes of sleep every single day.  If I look tired in 2014, I want you to call me on it, okay?!  :))

What are 1 or 2 habits you'd like to break, or create this year?

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins

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