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Big Plans for 2014? This might help ...

Big Plans for 2014?

5 Strategies for New Year Planning

To make the next 12 months MORE HEALTHY, MORE FIT, and MORE PRODUCTIVE than the last 12 months, these 5 strategies are for you.

Truly, there's no better gift you can give YOURSELF than a healthy, energetic body.

Because living life with vitality, mental acuity ... and emotional balance is your foundation to accomplishing all the things important to you. 

1. List the three most important objectives (or goals) for your health & fitness over the next year.  These should be "big picture" accomplishments that will organically inspire you to reach for more in 2014.  These could be outcome based objectives, like "I'm going to lose 30 pounds in 2014" or process based objectives, such as "I'm going to exercise 5-days per week in 2014 to feel & perform at my best".  Think Big & create 3 meaningful goals that inspire you!

2. For each objective listed above, identify your responsibility in achieving the objective. WHAT will you do? HOW will you do it? WHEN will you do it?  Sketch out your plan.  Don't worry about having it 100% complete or perfect, a simple draft will do. 

3. Don't think of the year as a whole.  Break your goals down to monthly objectives, and schedule regular reviews on your calendar to check in, measure your progress thus far, and adjust the plan, as needed.  So, if a half or full marathon is one of your big goals this year, each month you want to track your longest distance, pace, and weekly miles relative to your running event, as an example.  The key to goals isn't that we achieve them EXACTLY as we initially planned.  But rather the idea is to put a target on the wall and move toward something that inspires us.  Inspiration creates action!

4. Breathe. Relax. You got this!  Any time you're creating an inflection point in your life, it can be scary. You're letting go of the old - letting go of what no longer works or what no longer serves you well.  And you're embracing the new - the untried, the uncomfortable, perhaps even what seems risky. But the biggest risks of all are stagnation, complacency, and lack of inspiration/enthusiasm.  Remember - a bend in the road is never fatal... unless you fail to turn.  Be okay with setbacks, failures, and not doing things perfectly.  The key to getting where you want is to fail, fail and fail, and try, try, try.  People that master anything get really comfortable with messing up, then getting back up for another go. 

 5. Don't go it alone. Remember, lone wolves starve to death. Think of accountability partners, exercise buddies, advocates & supporters, allies, and likeminded people who can help you leapfrog over challenges and obstacles.  We all need supportive friends who've "got our back" and can pick us up when we need it most. 

Spend some time between now and January 1, Brian, and think about where you want to go, how you want to look, feel and perform in 2014, and how that foundation will help you achieve the MOST important things in YOUR life over the next 12 months!  

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins

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