Friday, January 31, 2014

Building your All-Star Team ...

The number one predictor of change is your support system.  

Recidivism rates among convicts is high, not necessarily because they cannot be reformed, but because they go back to the environments where crime is simply a way of life.

Being healthy and fit, or unhealthy and overweight, could be considered "contagious" as well.

When we look for any significant change, we must work hard to build a network of social support around the changes we seek.

We need the people around us to be on board, and to support the direction we're traveling.

One interesting thought to make this happen more easily is to assign roles to the people in your life as if you were drafting a top notch all-star team. 

Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice got to "draft" the NFL Pro Bowl players this year in an interesting twist on the All-Star game.

For us, the idea of choosing an "expert" or mentor or coach to help in areas of need makes sense.

You could pick out your go to person when you are under emotional stress.  

Or choose the person who can best help when you worry about finances.

Enlist the help of the person who can cheer you up and make you laugh when you need it.  

Perhaps find someone who is your motivator and who helps you stay on task.

It is impossible for one person to be all these things.  You would never want to go to your mother as your support system if she is just not any good as a cheerleader, for example.  But she might be perfect in that role, and perhaps not an ideal financial go to person?

Whenever I'm feeling inadequate, I can talk to my dad.  One of his greatest strengths as a father is he sees the good in his kids, and either doesn't see, or chooses to ignore our short comings.  In other words, I never feel judged by dad for the areas I feel are not up to par.  So, he's a great "go to guy" if I need a self-esteem, confidence, or feel-good boost.

Take the time to make a list of who your go to people are that you can call, talk to and hang around when you need them.

Here is a list of team members to consider:

Who is your stress reliever?   _______________________________
Who is your humor generator?  _______________________________
Who is your motivator?  _______________________________
Who is your financial advisor?  _______________________________
Who is your fat loss eating coach?  _______________________________
Who is your exercise buddy?  _______________________________
Who is your recipe generator?  _______________________________
Who is your planning and organizing coach?  _______________________________
Who is your accountability coach?  _______________________________

(What other areas in your life are important to have a coach, or support system?)  _______________________________

Are you easily finding people to fill these roles?  Take the time to find the people you need to support you.  It is the absolute best strategy for long-term success.  Everyone needs a coach and every coach needs a team.

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins

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