Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thinking versus Doing ...

Change is not easy.  Part of the reason is that we often believe change is about DOING, yet the truth is change is more about THINKING.  

Women today are the real life version of Super Woman.  They manage the house, work full time jobs, take care of the kids, hold everything together, and on and on.

Because of this, sometimes the thinking aspect of change is forgotten.  Change always starts with a mindset shift.   We can't simply strive to do more, and expect meaningful change to stick. 

Self-control is exhaustible.  This means the more you are focusing on, the harder it is to focus on something else.  In other words, the more you do, the less you do well. So, if we really want to make a change we need to learn how to think differently and focus on what is MOST important. 

In a study, two groups of overweight women were told to rank a list of values from least to most important for them.  One group was then told to write in a journal every day about their important values and what they meant to them .  The other group was told to write as well, but instead instructed to write on the least important values and why those values may be important to someone else.  When the women were evaluated moths later.......the group writing daily about their values lost an average of three pounds while the group writing on values they were not connected gained almost three pounds!

Rather than being on a calorie restricted diet, these women were put on a thinking restricted diet. And, they lost weight!

Instead of focusing on DOING, focus on your values, or what's MOST IMPORTANT to you - your WHY for making a change.   This gives you a constant reminder as to why improving your health and fitness, or any other area of your life, is important to YOU … and where to focus your attention.

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins

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