Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bio Individuality: Your Secret Ingredient

I believe one of the most important insights in the world of vibrant health, fitness and weight loss is the concept of bio individuality.  There is no one way, there is simply your way.   As such, it's each of our responsibilities to discover what that is.

There is no single right diet out there somewhere.  Primal, paleo, low carb, vegan, you name it.  None of this works for everyone or even most everyone.  In fact, falling for the latest fad or eating approach, spinning wheels jumping from one book, guru or diet system to the next is a sure way to create frustration, and NOT get results.

We don't "find" a diet, rather we discover or create the diet that is right for each of us, individually.  We don't follow a protocol, we create a lifestyle that you can love, live with and own.  A lifestyle that delivers health, vitality and sustained weight loss, and supports your BEST you … without occupying every waking moment of your life.

Be leery of the fitness guru that posts pictures of his/her abs on facebook.  It's the same ego that tells you there is ONLY one right way for you to eat.  Also be leery of the follower of that self-absorbed fitness guru, he/she will tell you what you're doing is wrong.  Unless they live in YOUR body, feel YOUR energy, know when YOU'RE hungry, understand YOUR cravings, it's better to ignore that "expert" too.

Tomorrow we'll look at the components that YOU can rely on to create YOUR own ideal nutrition lifestyle.  And yours will be different than your best friend's.  And therein lies the key ingredient. 

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins

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