Friday, August 22, 2014

In a box ...

Imagine that in front of you there are two boxes.

In the first box , there is a number, which is equal to what you think your ideal body weight should be. But there is no visual image of your physical body to go along with that number.


In the second box , there is a picture of your ideal body, but no corresponding number.

Which would you choose?

"Ideal" number on the scale not knowing what your body will look like?

Or "ideal" picture of your body with no corresponding number?

I ask this because that scale causes SERIOUS stress.

Of course for everyone it is different ... so you can never compare YOU to anyone except you.

But what does your body weight do for you? If you weigh X vs Y...

  • Do you have more meaningful relationships? 
  • Are you better at your job? 
  • Are you a better spouse? 
  • Better mom? 
  • Better friend? 
  • Better sister?

Your body is such an amazing thing ...

...but it's incredible that we've worked with people on all ends of the spectrum, from people who were over 400 lbs to high level athletes, teenagers to grandmothers, celebrities and soccer moms, and almost none of them were happy with where they were physically.

There is always something "wrong" with their body.

I heard LL Cool J complaining to his trainer that his legs weren't muscular compared to his upper body.

Denise Austin told a friend that her arms could be a little more defined.

A client traveling 3 hours to our fitness studio for his workout, who ultimately lost 163 lbs at our studio, said the size of his neck and chin bothered him the most.

It is interesting ...

These are amazing people who are focused on something they perceive as not perfect, or less than. Whether a size 30, size 10, size 2 and everything in between...the grass is always greener.

So here is an assignment for all of us -- homework, if you will.

List 10 things your body does for you or that you like about your body.

  • Maybe because you have strong arms, you can carry your children with ease. 
  • Because you're more fit, you can play with your kids or grandkids without getting out of breath. 
  • If you're training for a race, maybe your fitter body allows you to move at a faster pace than you normally would.
  • Perhaps you have far better energy and stamina today versus a time in the past. 

The list can go on.

I distinctly remember a time when I was waiting for the elevator with a friend -- and a man wheeled up in his wheelchair without legs. He looked at us, both very able to walk, and he said something I'll never forget: "I wish I had the option of taking the elevator OR the stairs ... I know I would take the stairs every time. But I can't. You both can -- why aren't you walking?"

How lucky we are to be able to get out and move freely every day.

Reminds me of a short story I once read about "The Cracked Pot."   All of us are cracked pots in some capacity. 

The Cracked Pot …

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins

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