Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Start With Why ...

The 8 Week Fitness Challenge starts on October 20th, to give you some structure & accountability to LOOK and FEEL your best for the Holidays. 

Registration is open through Thursday of this week here: http://www.cincinnatifitnessbootcamp.com/2014-8WC.html

"Start With Why" is the first of several emails created to get you prepared for the start of next week's challenge.


Start With Why

In his groundbreaking book, "Start With Why", Simon Sinek illistrates the successful characteristic shared between Apple, Martin Luther King, Jr, Southwest Airlines, and Oprah.

Their success all started with strong, compelling reasons WHY they wanted to make a difference. 

Sinek's work shows us that we too can achieve what we want, and easier than we thought ... when we start with why

Here's what a few clients had to say recently when asked, Why are you doing the Holiday Fitness Challenge?"

  • To LOSE weight by Christmas or New Year's Eve
  • To avoid gaining weight over the holidays, and feeling like I have to start over again in January
  • Reduce stress, increase energy and feel good for the holidays

The answers to this question are endless.

For the 8-week challenge, I want to challenge you to go deeper with what you want, and ask WHY you want these things.

For example, "losing 12 pounds" doesn't mean much more than you are 12 pounds lighter.  It is what losing that weight REPRESENTS, or MEANS to you that determines your outcome. 

When we discover the REAL meaning behind our important goals, all of a sudden those goals become inspiring.  The actions to reach the goal become more doable and sustainable.

So ask yourself, "Why do I want to ____________________?"  "What does that mean to me?" Ask, "How am I, once I achieve that goal, going to be different or better off than I am now?"  What is it about achieving that outcome that means something important to me?

Start with WHY!

What is meaningful to you?  Staying fit?  Improving your fitness?  Honoring yourself?  Honoring your standard, or commitment to yourself?  Taking control over your eating?  Achieving a fitness goal around a milestone birthday?  Being mentally sharp?  Feeling strong emotionally?  Feeling confident?   Experiencing unbridled energy? Wearing a certain size?  Getting an edge on a promotion?  Being able to keep up with your kids, or having more stamina and less stress at work?

The possibilities for you are endless.  Because all that matters is what achieving your goal MEANS to YOU!  No one else matters when it comes to why something is meaningful and important to you. 

What you really want is always a layer or two or three deeper. It comes after we think about "WHY" we want it. 

Spend a little time this week to get in touch with WHY you want certain things … it will give you tremendous clarity on what's really important to you.  And it will give you the fuel to move full speed ahead in reaching a key milestone between now and the end of the year.

Why do you want to achieve ____________________?

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins

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