Friday, October 24, 2014

Weight Loss Versus Fat Loss

We had a few questions on Saturday at 8WC evaluations on how to qualify for the prizes.

First, anyone can win. 

To qualify for free boot camp sessions, a minimum of 6 pounds of BODY FAT lost is required.   This will put you in the running for 3 primary prizes in YOUR ABC location: 1, 2 or 5 FREE ABC camp sessions.

And everyone that loses 12 pounds of body fat by December 19th gets a FREE camp session.

The key distinction is body fat versus weight loss.  This will be determined based on how your body composition changes over the next 8 weeks. 

You want to lose body fat.  You don't want to lose muscle tissue, or water. 

The weight on your scale at home will fluctuate up or down 3-5% daily, based on hydration levels and digestive contents.  Your body fat won't fluctuation up and down daily, but will stay the same (maintenance), slowly move upward, or slowly move downward based on your nutrition.  

Click here to see the results of 2 hypothetical people:

Camper 1 – lost 12 pounds of weight on the bathroom scale:

  • Overall, this person lost 12 total pounds of something: options include body fat, muscle tissue, water, digestive contents.
  • Of the 12 pounds, only 2.22 pounds came from body fat.  :(
  • 9.8 pounds lost came from muscle tissue, water content, blood volume, etc. :(
  • In spite of the scale dropping down by 12 pounds, this is a not a good scenario.  Weight will come back on quickly, and this person actually has a less firm body under this scenario. :(

Camper 2 – lost 7 pounds of weight on the scale, but 12 pounds of body fat:

  • Overall, the scale only dropped by 7 pounds.
  • But, this person lost 12 pounds of body fat, resulting in a smaller person. :)
  • In addition, this person gained some muscle tissue, a really good thing for future fat loss, and a firm, toned body today. :)

If these were real people, they both stated at the same spot – 150 pounds with 30% body fat.  Camper 2 ended in much better shape, leaner, smaller, and healthier.  Compared to Camper 1, she has lost nearly 10 pounds MORE body fat, even though you would never know looking at the total weight loss between the two. 

Although hypothetical, we see both of these results commonly.  Weight loss versus fat loss – here's a visual.  Unfortunately, the one with 12 pounds lost on the bathroom scale is usually the more excited of the two, even though the 7 pound bathroom scale loss realized significantly better results. 

Make sure you plug your numbers into this tool, so you can track real progress over time:

No one wants to lose 12 pounds when that weight is 2 pounds of fat, 4 pounds of muscle, 4 pounds of water, and the final 2 pounds simply being a change in digestive contents. 

This might be crystal clear to you, or possibly a little confusing.  Let's not get hung up on these numbers, here's what you need to remember:

Following these guidelines, the results will take care of themselves. 

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins

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