Saturday, October 18, 2014

Why I MUST weigh 170 pounds ...

I've received several responses to Tuesday's "Start With Why" email asking for help, or an example of how to create a "why" around the 8-week Holiday Fitness Challenge.

So let me share my "why" with you.

My goal: "I MUST weigh 170 pounds by December 31, 2014!"

Why?  What does that mean to me?

So let's start with what it doesn't mean for me. 

It doesn't mean I think I "need" to lose weight or be thinner (I'm at 175, and I fluctuate between 170 and 180, depending on where I am in my training). 

It doesn't mean that I think that I'll look more fit, or because I feel like I'll be healthier, or that I should drop 5 pounds so I can go to the beach and feel good about my appearance.  I actually feel pretty good at 175.  When I hit 180, though, an alarm bell rings in my head!  Time to get focused! 

But what 170 DOES mean for me is that it's my optimal running weight. 

The difference between 180 and 170 pounds for me is the difference of 37 seconds per mile faster over a half marathon, or finishing at 1:40:35 versus 1:49:07.  That probably doesn't mean much to many other people, but to me it means a lot.

It means that I can run faster at age 45 than I could at 41.  A lot faster. 

Why is that important to me?  Well, because somehow my brain is wired that I always want to improve, in some way.  Again, maybe it doesn't make sense to you, but is meaningful to me.  Remember, all that matters is the meaning YOU have around something, not what your best friend, boyfriend, husband or co-workers think. 

Also, running faster at 170 pounds means that I feel more fit the older I get.  I like feeling like I still have some athletic ability left in this body.  

Even though I can't stop aging, being at 170 pounds for me means that I'm optimizing my body for this stage of my life.  Ever run into a high school friend and you barely recognize them?  I don't want to be that guy my high school friends can't recognize.  And I like it when someone says, "Oh my gosh, you look great!"  Seriously, who doesn't? 

Reaching 170 pounds also means that I'm maintaining my personal standard around my health and fitness.  It means that I'm disciplined (and trust me, I'm not a super disciplined guy).  It means that I have a lot of energy for my work, and my 8 year old daughter.  It means that I feel good about my efforts in training and eating.

So there's a snapshot into some of my "whys" for reaching 170 pounds. 

Every time I've ever tried to lose weight without any real meaning behind it, it just doesn't happen for me.  I need reasons.  Compelling reasons to me. 

You might not think going from 175 to 170 is a big deal.  But they say the last 5 pounds is always the hardest, right?

What is meaningful to you around your biggest health and fitness goal?  Start With Why!

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins

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