Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Your morning attitude ...

Loved the way you all got after it with your Monday workout: Cardio Relays = a FANTASTIC endorphin-filled start to the week!

An important question for you: "What is your attitude when you wake up in the morning?"

This is important insight because the attitude you choose sets the tone for how you will feel later in the day, when people, circumstances and our own insecurities try to steal away our inner peace. 

First thing in the morning, you are by yourself going through the first couple actions of the day--getting out of bed, turning off your alarm clock, brushing your teeth, etc. In these moments, it is important to choose an attitude of gratitude and peace because if you can't choose that when you are by yourself, when can you? Once you start about your day, other people's needs can affect us, various scenarios unfold and things happen that are out of our control--each of which challenges our ability to maintain our inner peace.

Every day, there will be situations that challenge us. But if you don't already, begin making your morning attitude a choice. Play a game with yourself to see how long you can maintain your inner peace and grateful attitude as your day progresses. Stay mindful of how other people and circumstances are affecting you. If you catch yourself drifting off course, change back as soon as you can. 

Think of your morning attitude as the bricks you are laying for each day's path. And keep that path going in the direction YOU want it to go, regardless of any obstacles or challenges that might get in the way.

Here's to a Great Week 2!

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins

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