Thursday, November 6, 2014

What's for Lunch?

The past couple of days we've been building an ideal Fat Loss eating day.  We covered breakfast, and the mid-morning snack

For lunch we simply want to continue to eat food that keeps you full and provides sufficient energy for another 3 hours, and doesn't trigger a major craving at your next meal.  

I love the protein veggie rice (you can make a big batch in advance, and portion it out for several meals during the week), or a big salad topped with your choice of protein (salmon, chicken, chopped or shredded turkey breast).

Keep in mind, you're not limited to the recipes, or my suggestions.  Build any meal you like that follows the Label Rule using the Recipe Analyzer

Here's an important distinction – we're looking at the entire meal, not the individual components of a meal, when it comes to applying the Label Rule. 

For example, eggs by themselves are high in fat, a great source of protein, but have no water content or fiber.   By themselves, eggs wouldn't qualify for a "Fat Loss Food" (we're missing the high water and fiber content, although protein is good).  So we need to build on the protein content of the eggs, maybe by adding some spinach, mushrooms, peppers and onions for it to become a fat loss food (example: the Power Breakfast Scramble).  Or we could eat hard boiled eggs with some fresh fruit as a snack, and then the meal would qualify. 

Eggs are high in fat, as are avocados, nuts and seeds, etc.  All of these are considered healthy options, but to qualify as Fat Loss Foods, they need to be considered in the context of a complete meal. So the label rule works in conjunction with the other fat loss rule of "high protein, high water content and high fiber". 

Do your best NOT to get hung up on fat content. Again, with a focus on the Label Rule and eating "high protein, high water content, and high fiber" and within your calorie ranges, fat intake will balance out.  If your daily calorie intake is 1300 for fat loss, AND your meals meet the label rule, AND contain sufficient protein (~20g per meal), high water and high fiber, you won't eat too much fat. 

Does that make sense?

If this is confusing, the safe route is to eat the Fat Loss Food recipes.  But we don't like to limit you to our recommendations, so using the Label Rule/Recipe Analyzer and the Fat Loss Guidelines, you can create foods that meet your individual preferences. 

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins

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