Sunday, November 9, 2014

Winterize Your Workout ...

A fun "customized" finish to our 3rd week in camp with the "Take One" workout. 

We have one more week working outdoors in 2014 before heading back inside for the winter. 

Bridgetown and Blue Ash locations will remain indoors at St. Jude and Sycamore high school.  Anderson moves to McNick High School while Oakley moves to Purcell Marian High School.

The next session starts on November 17, without the traditional 1-week break between camp sessions.  The reason we're moving right into the next session without a week off is to allow everyone to have the week of Thanksgiving off (Nov 24 - 30) with the holiday and travel many of you are taking. 

Then we're back in camp on December 1st for 3 weeks leading right up to Christmas! 

So with one week remaining outside, and the potential for cool temps, there are 3 keys to staying warm throughout your workout:

  1. Wear a base layer of clothing that helps you stay dry, allowing perspiration to leave your skin
  2. Wear several layers – you can shed them as needed as your core body temperature increases
  3. Protect and cover your head, neck, ears, feet and hands – our extremities tend to get the least amount of circulation and heat. 

Here's an article to help you "Winterize Your Workout" …

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