Friday, January 16, 2015

How do you keep your DREAMS alive?

Dreams, goals, your bucket list, whatever you want to call those things that inspire you, are an essential part of life.

They give you something to be excited about.  Something to strive for, and perhaps help you stay focused by making quality choices. 

As I mentioned yesterday, dreams can go dormant. 

So how do you keep them alive, and your outcomes or Big 5 energized?

Well, if one of your BIG 5 is a dream vacation, you could revisit the website/brohures and read about your upcoming experience, view the photos of where you're going, and plan out what you'll do when you get there.   You could put a deposit down. 

If your child has a dream to go to Harvard, then you'd go spend some time on the campus, talking to students and faculty to get excited about going to school there. 

If you want to start your own business, go talk to a seasoned small business owner and pick her brain on what it takes to make that leap, what challenges to avoid, and how to prepare for ownership. 

If you want to play the drums, or start a new hobby, do some research in that area.  Get the juices flowing!

If you want to master your health and fitness, find someone that not only lost weight and looks great, but who consistently does the things she needs to stay in outstanding shape.  Buy her a coffee and ask her about her beliefs around health and fitness, how she stays motivated, what she does when she has a bad day, etc.   Surround yourself with those that place a high value on health and fitness.

For me, I had to put a stake in the ground by setting a date.  I registered for a marathon 11 months out from now.  I created my target.  I took a step. 

And it keep me enthusiastic, to keep my goal energized, I'm remembering all those benefits I mentioned yesterday.  I'm reading the book, 26.2 Miles to Boston.  I've got my target time posted all over, and a picture of the coveted Boston Marathon jacket on my phone and computer. 

You see, dreams can be illusive. To make them real, you've got to believe and you've got to stay focused.  Dreams are demanding.  They require extraordinary energy.  But, lofty or pragmatic, they inspire us.  They allow us to express our deepest desires and to find the self we forever have been seeking!

Make a list of actions you can take to keep your biggest dream alive, energized, and well!

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins

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