Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Your Big 5 ...

Our first week of ABC is officially in the 2015 books, and what a GREAT one we had!

I've talked with many campers over the past 24 hours, hearing about your experiences foam rolling. 

It's not necessarily as fun or "sexy" as down and backs, pushups, or running a half marathon, and it doesn't typically give you the same buzz you're feeling after today's 15 minute fitness challenge.  But rolling will allow you to stay in the game, eliminate pain, and help you function/perform at your best.

This weekend spend some time on Saturday and Sunday with your roller.  The more you do, the sooner those "painful" rolls transform into enjoyable rolls.

Also, consider the following to help you hone in on creating a new year in which you're proud:

1. Review your BIG 5 for the upcoming year. What are the 5 "big" things you are going to accomplish this year?  Work, family, personal, vacation, with the kids, education, growth.  Write them out and go after them!

2. Make sure your THEME for 2015 resonates deeply with you and elevates your spirit.  What is YOUR one word that emotionally charges you up for 2015?   Action?  Transformation?  Mastery?  Contribution?   Growth?  Stability?  Happiness?  Energy?  Passion?  Relax?  What is your year going to be all about and what ONE WORD defines the year you want to create?  All that matters is YOUR word means something to you!

3. Make a commitment to be in camp for all days you're registered next week. 

Have a GREAT weekend … we can't wait to see you Monday!

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins

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