Monday, August 17, 2015

Why doesn't this just GO AWAY?!?

The number one, all-time worse, ridiculous fitness myth ever …  


Defined, toned arms and legs?  Sure.    

But manly?  It's not gonna happen.

To develop big muscles we need a mega boost of testosterone, levels not available in the female body, possibly some anabolic supplements only available on the black market, and an excessive strength training program that involves several hours per day, no cardio … clearly an approach we don't follow in boot camp.

So here's why we think you should lift heavy: 

1.  First of all, heavy weights aren't great for every exercise.  When we isolate different aspects of the shoulder, for example a front raise and side raise, you definitely won't be able to go heavy... at least not while maintaining good form... and without injuring yourself.  So we aren't saying pick up a set of 15 or 20 lbs and start using them for every exercise.

But think of squats and dead-lifts, chest presses and rows.  Your legs are strong - they carry you around every single day - and they can handle heavier resistance than 5, 8 and even 10 pounds.

2.  If you want to change your body - you have to change what you're currently used to doing.  Think about what you carry around each day and what you do.  A good friend carried her daughter around, even when she weighed 25 – 30 pounds.  If she wants to challenge her body, she's got to lift heavier weight than that.  So when she works out, she's squatting or deadlifting with 25 lbs (sometimes more) in each hand.  And besides helping to increase her leg strength - using heavier dumbbells makes carrying her daughter around MUCH easier.  And, up until 6 months ago, her workout consisted of ONLY the elliptical machine!  

3.  You can SIGNIFICANTLY reshape your body.  In talking with women over the years, that's one of the most important things I hear that you want.  Working with heavy weights changes your shape, proper nutrition changes your size. 

4. You'll build muscle making you a lean, mean fighting machine!  And since building muscle does lots of wonderful things for your body, like burning calories, building bone density, correcting muscle imbalances and helping you fit in smaller clothes and feel FIT, it's the thing to strive for.

But it only happens when you push your body to do more than it's currently used to doing, and lifting a weight that your body finds challenging.

So game on -- if you're not reaching muscle failure on round 3 of our strength training series, let's make a commitment to start lifting heavier weight levels.  Here's a short video demonstration:
Your friend in fitness, 
Brian Calkins

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