Monday, September 10, 2018

Crazy Cool Idea!

I’ve been mulling over this really cool idea …   

I’ve designed a fun, SUPER EFFECTIVE and time efficient training program to get in great shape by Christmas. 

I’m looking for TWO awesome guys who want to get SUPER SERIOUS about their training program to get in their BEST SHAPE by this Christmas as well.  I’m talking so serious that we’ll train together, side-by-side.

Someone who wants to spend 2-3 days per week working out with me – rep for rep, set for set, we’re going to do it TOGETHER.

This is for guys, only.  I work with women all day and love it … but it’s been about 10 years since I’ve worked with dudes, and I really miss it.   

Here’s how the sessions will look: 
  • Tuesday & Thursday we’ll blend fast twitch & slow twitch strength training with some cardiovascular training  
  • Saturday morning will do a high-energy full body circuit to shape muscle and burn fat   
  • We’ll spend some time doing Mobility & Activation work 
  • Each week we’ll work the entire body, twice.
All told, we’re going to spend about 60 - 65 incredible minutes together each workout. 

PLUS, since nutrition plays such a critical role in getting in great shape, my two “training partners” will also follow my Clean & Lean eating program where we’ll be in touch 7 days a week through my nutrition/fitness app.   Each week we’ll have an accountability check-in, and we’ll work through any challenges you’re facing.  Spouses can jump on board the eating program, too, sometimes that helps with family cohesion. 

OK, now for the million-dollar question….

How much is this going to cost?

Well, first, let me immediately eliminate some of the would be takers on this crazy idea by letting you know that the training sessions will take place between 8am and 2pm Tuesday and Thursday, and 6am on Saturday at my home fitness studio.  I understand that won’t work for many, but that’s the only time I’m available to do this.  My house is at the end of Reed Hartman HWY, near I-275, just north of Blue Ash.    

So, if you’re still reading, here’s the deal:

When I used to offer one-on-one training at HealthStyle it was $125 per hour session.  Three days per week was $375 or about $1500 per month. 

Now, this wouldn’t be a Crazy Cool Idea if it didn’t come with a Crazy Cool Offer, would it?

So, here it is …

You can get all this coaching and the ultimate “train with me” experience for four months, valued at over six thousand dollars for ONLY $1000 (works to be $250/mth).

It’s a pretty sweet deal.  And, sure, for some it’s a good chunk of change.  I totally understand.   

I can tell you, I pay for private coaching myself, and it’s without question, the best INVESTMENT I make each year. 

But, just to ease any hesitation, I’m going to offer a serious no-joke MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  If at the end of the first 30 days you don’t feel you’re getting the value you expected, or if you find it’s just not the right fit for you,  just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund – definitely no hard feelings, and no explanation needed. 

Look, I’m not playing around here.  I want to be dialed in for the holidays this year.  This program and this experience will be like nothing else.  It’s simply THE VERY BEST way to get in your best shape ever … and we’ll have some serious FUN along the way, too!

So, if you want to really get SUPER SERIOUS about getting into SUPER SHAPE send me an email by clicking here ... we'll talk to see if this might be a fit for you.

Feel free to forward/share with anyone that might be ready for this challenge!

Your friend in fitness,

Brian Calkins

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P.S. – Even training 2 days per week, following this program will get you in GREAT shape.  So, if you can’t get away both work days, pick Tuesday OR Thursday PLUS Saturday morning, and we’ll kick some butt. 
P.P.S. - WE START ON SATURDAY at 8am (Sept 22) with an intro to the program!  GET READY TO ROCK!

P.P.P.S – There are a few Saturdays that I’m traveling (9/29, 8/13 for sure, maybe one more), so we’ll extend into January 2019 to get the full 4 months of training in. 

How cool will it be to START 2019 in FANTASTIC SHAPE, when most else everyone will be desperately seeking out a solution to reverse all the holiday indulgence?